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The problem of disconnect

In a world where we are supposed to be more connected than ever, there seems to be an increase of feelings of loneliness and disconnect. Although speaking to someone is but a touch of a button, social media seems to have the air of an old fashioned town square, where someone would stand on a soap box and shout about beliefs or grievances for anyone who may gather and listen, except that on these social media platforms, everyone in the town square has a soap box, everyone is shouting and no one appears to be listening. There have even been incidences of someone crying out for help for suicide and being ignored. Loneliness can feel like death.

This is why touch therapies such as massage, reflexology and movement therapies that reconnect you with your body are so important. To sit quietly with someone, to have a comforting hand and a compassionate presence, is powerful and human. We are not supposed to sit behind screens (she typed with a wry smile, not missing the irony here), we are supposed to look into each others eyes as we talk, we are supposed to lay a comforting hand on a friends shoulder when they are sad - not quick tap a sad face emoji and move on.

That is one of the reasons I do the job I do, sincerely - I believe we all want to be loved and feel that sense of community.

What do you think? how do you promote this yourself?


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