Therapeutic Treatments

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Pregnancy Massage

Indian Head Massage


Energising Tribal Massage

Meditation Massage

Swedish massage involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles, warming and mobilising the tissue - relieving tension, which makes Swedish therapy both relaxing and energizing.

30 mins £35

45 mins £40

60 mins £60

Hot Stone massage is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, using smooth flat, heated basalt stones that are used to massage sore muscles then placed on various parts of the body - said to control your body’s energy flow helping to rebalance body and soul. Great for calming down fretful nerves.

45 mins £50

75 mins (full body) £80

Pregnancy Massage: Have a mama take care of mama to be with this gentle and soothing massage. Adapted techniques to care for the delicate and precious condition of pregnancy. Both mother and baby will enjoy this massage - A wonderful way to unwind. Great for tired legs and sore pelvis.

Full body £50

Indian Head Massage uses ancient, proven techniques - this relaxing massage focusses on the upper body, neck, head and face. soothes muscle tension, helps to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. Often used by those that suffer with stuffy sinuses and headaches. 

30 mins £35

Reflexology is a specialist foot massage that stimulates points in the feet that correspond to various systems in the body. This relaxing and soothing therapy brings balance to mind body and soul. Great for people with sensitive feet since they are so responsive to this treatment. A wonderful treatment with great reviews.

45 mins £39

Energising Tribal Massage is a unique signature massage only available at BJW. This massage was designed to raise energy levels in the body. The movements of the massage are choreographed to a specifically chosen playlist of percussion music - Stimulating not only body but brain also. Drift off in transcendent meditation and wake feeling alert and calm. (Great for when you have a stack of paperwork or the closet needs clearing out.

Full body £65


Meditation Massage is another signature massage only available at BJW. This massage begins with a personalised meditation to settle you into the environment and bring your mind back to your body. I then use meditative hand techniques on the muscles. This massage is gentle but extremely powerful. I finish the massage with a vibration sound mantra to settle the nerves and soothe the soul. This is a powerfully soothing massage *Do not operate heavy machinery after having this massage

Full body £75