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Save Small Businesses - why?

7 years ago, my mum was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. As she was fearful of the symptoms that may occur with the treatment, I began researching therapies that may help her along side treatment and found reflexology and massage to name a couple, could provide relief from symptoms. I began training in these therapies so that I could care for her. After she passed away, I was committed to helping other cancer & palliative care patients and their families. I spent the years between, researching techniques, modes of practice, developing my own custom therapies and honing my skills so that I could offer the best service possible. This business is my brain child and most of the other small business owners have a similar story. Rather than pushing sales, branded pre-fabricated products and analysing numbers -most of the small business owners I speak to - really care about bringing things to their clients that resonate sincerely and this is where you find the service that cares. This is why we need to look after our community and work to save our small businesses, passing on referrals, leaving positive reviews, talking about them. Otherwise what will we have left? If the business doesn't thrive, they will be forced to go back to work for faceless corporations, their skills lost and unappreciated while you struggle to find genuine compassion and connection in the community.


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